Dan Tzur started flying 20 years ago in pursuit of a childhood passion. Before he became a flight instructor, he flew traffic reporting flights, aerial photography flights, towed gliders, and enjoyed the freedom of open cockpit flying in ultralights. He also had the opportunity to ferry several airplanes across the US to their new home. Dan has logged over 2700 hours of flight time in a wide variety of aircraft. He's grateful for the opportunity to help others master the art of flying.

Certificates & Ratings

  • Commercial Single Engine Land
  • Glider
  • Multiengine
  • CFI/I airplane and helicopter

Aeronautical Experience

  • Over 2700 hours of flying
  • Over 800 hours of flight instruction

Training Offered

  • Helicopter and airplane
  • Instrument airplane and helicopter
  • Tail wheel
  • Aerobatics

Contact Info

Email: dant@sancarlosflight.com
Phone: (650)283-9722
Website: www.flypaloalto.com