Thomas Daniel learned to fly when his wife running out of ideas for an anniversary present, bought him a coupon for an introductory lesson. He never looked back. He has flown in South Africa and Europe,  towed gliders and traveled in his Cirrus SR22  all the way up North to Prudhoe Bay in Alaska, to Mexico, Guatemala and Belize to the South and Bahamas islands to the East. While not yet a CSIP, he believes that 12 years of Cirrus ownership and experience gives him an excellent background for teaching in that type of airplane. Contact Thomas for transition and recurrent training, BFRs, IPCs or if you just have a question about Cirrus.

Certificates & Ratings

  • Single Engine CFII (Certified Flight Instructor, Instruments)
  • Advanced Ground Instructor
  • Commercial Pilot License with Instrument Rating
  • Private Pilot License for Gliders
  • European and South African Private Pilot License

Training Offered

  • Private Pilot
  • Commercial
  • Instrument rating
  • Tailwheel transition
  • Complex and High Performance Checkouts
  • Biannual Flight Reviews
  • Instrument Proficiency Checks
  • Mountain Checkout
  • International Flying


  • $80/hour

Contact Info